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How To ~NOT~ Get Your Ex Back :-(

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www.getexgirlback.com How To ~NOT~ Get Your Ex Back In your quest to get your ex back you may fallen into one or more of these mistakes. Doing this will lower your chances to get them back to chasing them away for good. It goes without saying these things should be avoided at all costs. If you are doing, or have done, any of these it’s time to stop doing them right away and back off for a bit. This may sound obvious, but don’t talk badly about your ex. They won’t forget and it WILL come back to haunt you sooner or later. It’s easy and can be almost automatic at times to do this, but you’ve got to hold your tongue, keep your cool, and keep things on as great of terms as possible. Word can get around even if you’ve said this to someone who doesn’t know your ex. It may turn out they know someone who does and then you’re in trouble. Another obvious one is to not stalk your ex. This includes excessive calls, endless text messages, going by where they work or to there house or just driving by. This will succeed with flying colors in pushing your ex away. It gives you the perception of desperation, which may not be far off if you’re doing these sorts of things. Finally, tactics like the emergency call and other scare tactics will Not be well received. If they didn’t want to talk to you before, but were considering, they won’t be considering it any longer! Guilting them into getting back together with you will also just push them away. These may all seem obvious things as you

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