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Trust in a Relationship FREE Video Coaching : Video 1

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www.Trust-In-A-Relationship.com This is the first of three videos on the 6 Human Needs in a Relationship. In this video about relationship trust we will introduce you to new ideas and methods of determining the success of your relationship. There are 6 basic human needs every relationship must meet in order for a relationship to succeed. In this first video of 3 we will discuss the importance of knowing where your relationship is today and where you want it to be tomorrow. We will introduce you to a new way of thinking and show you that creating a magical treasure map to your perfect relationship built on a foundation of trust IS a possibility. Through meditation we will get your mind into a new state of focus and clarity. This exercise will be essential to allowing yourself to calmly deal with your relationship issues and bring you to a new state of relaxation. Things you will need A Note book and a pen or pencil A stop watch or clock with a second hand timer A quiet place without distractions. info@trust-in-a-relationship.com

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